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Fruit of The Week

Source: www.medicalmedium.com Rock Melon (or Cantaloupe) is an amazing fruit that has over 19 vitamins and minerals that help to boost the immune system, detoxify the organs, and deeply hydrate and alkalinize the body. Since rock melon is a pre-digested

10 Best Foods To Boost Your Immune System

Source: By Natural Blaze Try these 10 best foods to boost your immune system: 1. Brightly colored vegetables. You probably already know that you should eat a variety of the colorful vegetables. But do you know why? The bright green,

The Healing Power of Lavender

Helps Restore the Immune System by Luella May The sweet scent of lavender connotes flowers on the hillside and romance, but there is more.  Lavender is one of the most versatile and useful of all herbs, with a long history

Lettuce is Deadly

I said in my book “God’s Gladiators” that lettuce is poisonous, it destroys your immune system and makes you allergic to almost everything. Here’s an article below that might explain why it’s so toxic. Lettuce is deadly. Let-us-pray for something