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Abundance and Giving

All we have as humans is what each of us is prepared to give. Mothers give because they tend to their children from dawn ‘til midnight, and the dads often give as they work selflessly in all weathers to provide

Outside the Panic Room

The alternative media keeps us abreast with news that the mainstream won’t touch. They like to coat things with a rosy hue, pretending nothing is wrong. I look at people in the street and in the supermarket, and I know

Some People are Mad and Brave as Well

You might have seen this amazing jump before (25 seconds) but I thought to put it up, it’s beyond extraordinary. Humans are amazing. I’ve since been told it is a fake but I find it fun to watch….Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

No Joke: Animals Laugh, Too

I’ve come to believe animals have a soul as I have seen them in the Mirror World where humans that have passed away also exist. I also think they have emotions. Here’s an interesting article that says animals laugh. Bye

The Healing Power of the Animals in the Parallel Universe

Dr. Lovelock called the spirit of nature, Gaia. He says that Gaia is a self-correcting system and that nature heals itself, like say certain bacteria that eat oil and sewage pollution. What is not usually understood is that nature has