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People can still triumph in adverse times the trick is to go in the opposite direction to the popular emotion. Doing that grants you a different destiny. When everyone is gong crazy stay calm, when people want to be special

The New Sunrise

The Winter Solstice heralds the birth of the new sun. It’s a powerful time, the old can be set aside and a new affirmation made. I said back in the mid 90s that the world would spit into two evolutions,


Romanticism was a movement of the mid 1700s until the midpoint into 1800s; it was a movement of painting, art, and writing that emphasized warmth, color and softness. I was very influenced in the early days of my writing by

The Golden Thread

Sometimes watching visions from the Mirror World is confusing, as things happen in there that seem unconnected and then ages later you can see how they are mysteriously linked. There is a golden thread that is slowly and carefully wrapping