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In Quest of the Spotless Mind

When I get hit by the ghouls from the Inner Worlds, it creates a pain across my chest just under my collar bone. It makes me want to burp, but the burps are more painful than the chest pain, which

Infiltration of the Shadow

I wrote recently the story of how the Forces of the Goddess took three years to fight their way into this world from another dimension, and how they will now spread out to undermine the global systems of elitism, hatred


Most sophisticated folk understand that their life unfolds according to their actions and their feelings. But the process is poorly understood. I hope to post a series of articles here that might help you make a better success of materializing

The New Sunrise

The Winter Solstice heralds the birth of the new sun. It’s a powerful time, the old can be set aside and a new affirmation made. I said back in the mid 90s that the world would spit into two evolutions,