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St. George

I discovered some years ago that humans are surrounded by two bands of darkness that I named the inner and outer matrix. The inner matrix is the thoughts of evil humans, which looks like black soot, I call it the

Project Mayhem–Horse Stickers

I decided to pop into Burger King wid m’ horse, because 29% of their burgers are horse meat. The horses don’t like it. I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t campaign against meat eaters, live and let live. But meat is

Horsin’ Around with Beef Sales

Here is a few funny pics of the beef freezers in ASDA and Tesco. Tee hee. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com I like the way the packaging for the burgers says – 8% more beef. They just couldn’t bring themselves to spell horse.

Horse in Tesco Looking for its Missing Family Members

Rome’s Radiation & The Stone Horse

We check people that come to the healings with a Geiger Counter to see if their radiation levels are high. If they are, I do an extra process on them, it only takes a minute, it seems to get the