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Federal Reserve Accused of Wholesale Looting of other Countries Gold

The Federal Reserve in NY stores gold for various countries, that are stupid enough to give it to them to look after. Germany asked for 300 tons of their 1000+ tons, and the Feds did not have it. They are

Tall Gods in the Water in Holland, Vision

I saw a vision of the harbor at Amsterdam, there were huge Gods in the water like Greek statues and beside them was the black horse of Revelation with the scales of justice. I think I saw the vision because

Spiritual Healing–the Second Chance Amsterdam Dec 8th & 16th

Hi Guys, I’ve booked two, one-day gigs for the Europeans in Amsterdam, Dec 8th and the 16th. They start at noon with a VIP reception and then the main event starts at 2 pm and goes through the night to

On Healing Radiation Poisoning

When I do my hands-on healings, I first test people for radiation with a geiger counter. The reason is, I was given an extra process via a set of visions of how to get rid of radiation. It’s a fractal