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Internet Control Passes into Law

26 year old Aaron Swartz, the Internet pioneer who died recently, campaigned against CIPSA (Cyber Intelligence Protection and Sharing Act), the Internet’s Big Brother control law, and it was defeated….

Albright in SS style Jacket with Snake Insignia

Soulless Humans Incarnating from Hell

Many, if not all of our leaders have incarnated from hell. You might wonder how a human spirit gets out of hell once they are in there, doesn’t the Bible…


Obama’s Version of Kiddie Porn

Obama was pictured in a “staged” scene with children at the White House, signing various gun laws into legislation. Scurrilous stuff, it’s a form of kiddie porn using children for…


The Last Conspiracy

Most of the conspiracies are real and true or substantially true, but as the media is usually owned by the same people that act covertly to hurt Americans like at…


Is Natanyahu the Anti-Christ?

The Bible says the Anti-Christ will be a Jew. I wondered if the Israeli P.M. Netanyahu might be the “one”. He’s cold, cruel, violent, and a racist to boot. So…

Saying Goodbye, Leaving and Smiling

Today we are living through in a replay of the rise of fascism and Hitler’s 1930s, it is important to remember what we learned from history. You must not be…