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Human Owl Eyes

I have an etheric membrane that crosses my eye. It’s known as a nictitating membrane, which is common in owls and fish, and in polar bears who have it to protect them from snow blindness. The membrane first came across from

Victory in Sight

I’m sure my readers must consider me very odd as I write about wars in the multi-dimensional hell worlds, some readers fled because they don’t want to hear that stuff, that’s to be expected, but fear of the dark is

Black Magic Woman, Lady Gaga & Others

I’ve become very interested in studying the influence of black magic in the music industry. Certainly Lady Gaga is reputed to be a satanist, she wears blatant Illuminati symbols on her clothes. And she refers to herself as a ‘beautiful

British Papers Unfairly Trashing Icke

David Icke appeared at Wembley on Saturday for an 10 hours of lectures. The Daily Telegraph and the Sun newspapers trashed him as a nutter. The journalists can’t hear what he’s saying. The Sun made a big issue about the