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Everything is Purple

By Stuart Wilde I wrote about finding the Holy Grail http://www.stuartwilde.com/2013/03/finding-the-holy-grail/ as I saw it again on a beautiful Aya’ journey I did this weekend in Holland with Tom Lishman and his people. www.thehiddendoorway.com Then driving home on the freeway, I saw

Grand Lies, Legal Lies

Kennedy, Diana, Princess of Wales, 911, The Federal Reserve, High-speed trading, the Oklahoma Bombing, the My Lai massacre, UFOs, Voting Machines, the Moon walks, the Trojan Horse, Weapons of mass destruction – Iraq, Colin Powell’s anthrax scare, Art forgeries, Ponzi

Softness and Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

The only safety is in softness and beauty. Now that the Forces of Light have fought their way in here, it will take four years for them to bring the global-ego to its realizations. It has to be shown its