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The Strange Beauty of Miracle Healings

I’ve done over 4000 healings in the last five months, I don’t give out my email at the healings, but some people know it because they have bought mail order items from us, or they have attended a seminar gig. They

Karma and Pure Information

Billions of people live and die in ignorance. Pure information is a form of good karma. It brings you good fortune, and it expels confusion. The best information is “inner knowing’ as that is a powerful tool for your understanding

Why Metaphysics Grants You An Added Perception

Metaphysics has in the past been the domain of dippy, tree huggers and crystal ball gazers and it became the religion of Flower Power and the New Age Travellers, but over the decades since the 1960s it has become more

The Fifth Force, the Celestial Light

  I said in relation to America, that the first force is its citizens, the second force is their Zionist controllers, the third force is the US military, the fourth force is Gaia, which of course is global, and the

The New Dignity

In a world that is degrading in its moral standards and the treatment of others, we seek to discover a new dignity-not a pomposity or a grand, vainglorious stance, but a silent composure that speaks of one who is strong