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Feds Orchestrated Gold Smash

My Dear Extended Family, From Jim Sinclair Courtesy of KingWorldNews.com Today a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury told King World News that the smash in gold and silver today was entirely orchestrated by the Federal Reserve. Former Assistant

Beppe’s Sicilian Salute, “F” you and Your Little Dog Too…

A comedian, Beppe Grillo’s party has won the lower house in Italy. Beppe is anti-establishment and he’s anti the money lenders and the EU. He’s pledged to lower taxes and end the austerity that was inflicted on Italy by the

The Cashless Society

The Governments want a cashless society for several reasons, the first is to combat tax avoidance, and the second is to drive business and fees to the debt-riddled banks. And the third reason is a form of silent hatred, it’s

911 & the Fate of The Jews

At 3 a.m. this morning I got up and prayed for the firemen and office workers that died in 911. I felt for them, they were betrayed. The official story of 911 has been shot to bits. It was a coup