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St George’s Day & the Knight’s Prayer

St. George is my patron saint;, his Holy Day is Tuesday April 23rd. He was from Cappadocia, which is in modern day Turkey. He was killed by the Romans for campaigning for the rights of the slaves. His mother was

The Heavenly Hosts

One night I went into the mirror worlds with a friend of mine. We sat on a sofa and closed our eyes and we described what we were watching. He’d mention a little bridge in a forest and a path that

Infiltration of the Shadow

I wrote recently the story of how the Forces of the Goddess took three years to fight their way into this world from another dimension, and how they will now spread out to undermine the global systems of elitism, hatred

An Awesome Journey

You may have noticed that since January things have gotten lighter. From time to time, little invisible ‘hope bubbles’ burst around you, and for a brief moment you glimpse the answers and you know everything will be fine. There is

The Golden Thread

Sometimes watching visions from the Mirror World is confusing, as things happen in there that seem unconnected and then ages later you can see how they are mysteriously linked. There is a golden thread that is slowly and carefully wrapping