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The Restoration: All Evil Shed Away

It is Easter Sunday, after weeks of rain and snow, a small sun crept through my curtains to welcome my day. In the village, the bells of the little Norman church rang out celebrating the ascension of their God, as

War Stories

  (Image: cogfilms.com) As our leaders get more and more demonically possessed their ego-specialness flares, they will want to go to war. Of course, they won’t fight themselves; the working people form their armies. China has instructed its military to

God of the Sky

I saw a series of fourteen visions, that played as full-color video clips that appeared in my mind’s eye, each vision lasted about 90-120 seconds. They were visions of a sky that was bright shiny gold and the clouds were

Infiltration of the Shadow

I wrote recently the story of how the Forces of the Goddess took three years to fight their way into this world from another dimension, and how they will now spread out to undermine the global systems of elitism, hatred

The Remembering

Far beyond where the last human cries out in the agony of confusion; past where the last flag falls to the ground; beyond where the carrion gather to devour the remains of ill-fated ideas — there stands the glory of