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The Wonder of All Wonders

By Stuart Wilde. Rivers of sweet sensibilities flow through the veins of Gaia (the spirit of the earth)—she is warm; you can feel her through the love emitted by a forest, and if you still your mind you can hear

Infinite Self – Reclaiming Your Inner Power

Twenty-five thousand people were attracted to my spiritual teacher over the few years that he taught, and at each level of progress, the teachings and disciplines got harder and harder. After a period of about three years, almost everyone had

Doorkeepers and Exits

For the first time in decades, I’ve seen a chink of light. I’m scared to believe in what I am seeing but there it is. I saw a clear vision of a very large, brown, dirty looking blanket, covering a

The Infection of Goodness

A lot of my friends are trackers of sorts, not in the traditional sense but ‘inner world’ trackers. They take people across the great divide to other dimensions and back, delivering them home safely. I find some of these people

Anomalies in the Supernatural

Recently I have come to see how the plan of the Goddess is vast: it is underneath us like a current that we can’t see. It is very beautiful, and clever. It is massive, like a very graceful anaconda, slithering