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Psy of Gangnam Style fame, New Release, 32 Million hits

Psy has had 32 million hits in the last couple of days on his new track called – GENTLEMAN M/V. Mind blowing. Good luck to him. His last track Gangnam Style has done 1.5 billion hits on You Tube. Stuart

Nuclear Vision

Over a year ago, I saw a vision that said the main nuclear threat to the world is North Korea and that Iran is not a threat at all. Netanyahu, the Israeli man, has been saying every few years since

“Gangnam Style” — 820 Million Hits

A Korean singer that calls himself Psy, short for psycho, has a video out called, “Gangnam Style” it’s got 820 million hits on You Tube, the biggest You Tube ever. He’s in pink shorts on a deck chair with his