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Volcanos, Earthquakes

Japan was hit with three large earthquakes in the last couple of days and a total of 177 earthquakes have hit the Western Pacific this last week, Volcanoes are erupting in Russia, Indonesia and Ecuador, it’s all happening on the

A Few People Don’t Agree

The Status Quo and the bent politicians and the false media trundle on, as if nothing has happened, but there are a few people out there, several billion of them, that don’t quite agree with things as they are. Zbigniew

The Wilde Weekly–The Kali Yuga Age of Destruction

  The Wilde Weekly article is at: http://zen-haven.com/the-wilde-weekly-the-kali-yuga-age-of-destruction/

Simple Way of Removing Pain

I said in a recent video that the Purple Light is here to absolve us of pain, it’s a form for both absolution and transcendence. I heard the spirit of Gaia in the Aluna worlds, she gave out a great

The Long Sigh

I’m often up at 3 a.m. in the night, as that is when the Hindu Gods are around, and I see visions of them in their golden, beaded headdresses. Sometimes important things happen at that special time, 3.03 a.m. Two