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Lightening Strikes St. Peter’s in Rome

When I saw this photo of lightening hit the St Peter’s Basilica in Rome I wondered if it was photo shopped. Then I saw live footage on the BBC interesting eh? Gaia is in charge I’m sure of it. Stuart

Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic say FDA

The Federal Drug Administration in America has just admitted that chicken meat contains arsenic. Eating meat is eating death, animals have emotions, but what the food processors put in the food is criminal. I don’t campaign for vegetarianism, but eating

The Farmer of Karma

Gaia is the farmer of karma in so much as she collects what we have sown, what is due to her. Our karma is very solidly entrenched around us but we can change it with awareness and softness. Say you are

The Hurricanes of Light

I saw something. There is a group of inner word beings that exist in a heaven world that are sometimes called the Tao Beings. They come from mythology, they are half-human, half- animal like the centaurs. I called them manimals

Exciting New Developments on the Gaia Front

I’ve prayed for liberation every night for twenty years or more. It’s arrived. I saw a golden globe, like a bauble one might hang on a Christmas tree, but it was over-sized, about the size of a rock melon. Then a