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Is Senator McCain an Archon?

By Stuart Wilde. The Archons are an inner race of cold, cruel beings that incarnate here on earth as humans, they are spirits from a hell world; they worm their way into power. Archon means lord or ruler. The Archons

America, Iran & the Possible End of Israel

There is talk of Iran building a bomb and nuking Israel, it’s all silliness–paranoia politics. Iran can buy a nuclear warhead in the black market. I’m sure they already have, some are quite small.  The Russian W-87 pictured here is waist

Understanding Fukushima’s Radiation of Over 5,000,000 Bq/m²

Fukushima City has five million Becquerels of radiation per square meter. If there is a nuclear accident someplace, the emergency workers that would be sent in are not allowed to be exposed to more than 7.4 million Becquerels in 66

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Radiation, Fukushima & Freedom of Speech

I saw a vision of Dr. Helen Caldicott, she is a Nobel prize winning doctor from Australia. (See video below). I admire her greatly, she’s brave and strong. She’s willing to speak her mind regardless of the opposition. She’s a

Radiation in LA Doubles

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