Tag: Forces of Light

The Era of Milling About and Getting Ready

Watching the spiritual seekers I know, of which there are many, I saw an overview of how the last ten or twelve years has been the era of milling about and getting ready. I saw how it can take a

Softness and Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

The only safety is in softness and beauty. Now that the Forces of Light have fought their way in here, it will take four years for them to bring the global-ego to its realizations. It has to be shown its

Nature Spirits

Most people don’t believe in nature spirits and to talk about them often invites ridicule. What image we have of them has usually been corrupted by misinformation. For example, we often think of fairies as small, diaphanous, human-like beings, that

The Golden Thread

Sometimes watching visions from the Mirror World is confusing, as things happen in there that seem unconnected and then ages later you can see how they are mysteriously linked. There is a golden thread that is slowly and carefully wrapping