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Feminine Spirit

The Feminine Spirit Vision

I saw a god-like female appear to me. She was standing in a garden between two mounds covered in grass, they were about eight feet high.  She had thousands of…

Restoration of the Feminine Spirit

I don’t do many pedophilia stories, as it is very distressing and the practice of child abuse is at epidemic proportions. The Guardian newspaper in England said a few days…


The Wilde Weekly–The Feminine Nature of Surrender

The Wilde Weekly–The Femine Nature of Surrender is at: http://zen-haven.com/the-wilde-weekly-the-feminine-nature-of-surrender/

Obama Campaign’s Insulting Ads: ‘Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It’

This Obama ad below disgusts me. No respect for women. There is a breeze lifting the lady’s skirt and there is an umbrella poised to penetrate her. It’s so lurid…