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The Secret World of Gold

This is a fascinating documentary that looks into the gold that is missing from central banks in the world. This is gold that has been stolen or otherwise misappropriated.  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com  

Federal Reserve Accused of Wholesale Looting of other Countries Gold

The Federal Reserve in NY stores gold for various countries, that are stupid enough to give it to them to look after. Germany asked for 300 tons of their 1000+ tons, and the Feds did not have it. They are

Basmati Rice Soars 80% in Price

The price of rice has soared by 80%, following a dramatic drop in production of the basmati variety and increasing demand world wide. It’s just more evidence of the hyperinflation we are seeing in the Third World. Inflation figures in America

Hockey Stick Inflation

I said recently that the pox of the Federal Reserve needs to end or America will never be free. http://www.stuartwilde.com/2013/01/the-forces-of-reasonableness-versus-thefederal-reserve-ve/ Ben Bernanke issues fake inflation figures and dubious stats to con investors into supporting his associates on Wall Street, it

Metals To Soar Experts Say

On the heels of the US Mint suspending sales of silver eagles, today, 56-year market veteran and analyst Ron Rosen, sent King World News exclusively two outstanding charts and commentary for their global readers. This is an important snapshot of