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Arrival of the Celestial Cavalry

Here’s an MP3 of visions I’ve seen of the Celestial Beings coming through a portal into 3-D. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com  Stuart’s MP3   Arrival of the Celestial Cavalry

“Gangnam Style” — 820 Million Hits

A Korean singer that calls himself Psy, short for psycho, has a video out called, “Gangnam Style” it’s got 820 million hits on You Tube, the biggest You Tube ever. He’s in pink shorts on a deck chair with his

Arrival of the Gods

A week ago I sat on my bed saying to the four walls, “Hello walls, we need help, there is so much evil and so many ghouls, we are outnumbered 100 million to one”. Then I saw three amazing visions