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At the Window of Tomorrow

At the window of tomorrow I saw many a yesteryear. It was easy to see where we’d come In the intervening time– How we’d grown, and struggled, and triumphed Beyond…


Dew Drops

Beyond the Dew Drops is peace and our eternity. The final solution, beyond pain, and onwards towards our homecoming. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)

Pure love

Love’s Domain

I saw something. I was taken to a dimension of pure love. It was here on earth. I was walking by a placid lake there was fog in the air,…


Spiritual Practices, the Mobius Strip

Scientists calculated mathematically that the Universe is either, a smooth ball shape, or a lumpy ball, or a saddle shape. In the Aluna Mirror-Worlds one is shown that the saddle…

Tender is the Night

When I do the hands-on healings I see a lot of purple light, it lasts a long time afterwards. I woke in the night after the Amsterdam gig with an…

The Echo

The Echo

I’m a trombulated echo in the eternity of your soul. How I got there, only you know. I venture I might have slipped between your mind and your soul one…