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Abundance & Giving

Abundance and Giving

All we have as humans is what each of us is prepared to give. Mothers give because they tend to their children from dawn ‘til midnight, and the dads often…


What a Week–Listlessness Explained

What a week! I made more progress in seven days than I have made in seven months or even seven years. I saw the chalice of the Holy Grail in…



People can still triumph in adverse times the trick is to go in the opposite direction to the popular emotion. Doing that grants you a different destiny. When everyone is…

The Lion of Judah

Infinite Self – Reclaiming Your Inner Power

Twenty-five thousand people were attracted to my spiritual teacher over the few years that he taught, and at each level of progress, the teachings and disciplines got harder and harder….

Marching Owl

Emotional Techniques

The pain of the world is so extraordinary right now many people are not in their right mind. You have to detach and hold steady or you’ll be sucked in….


Therapy, Karma….

The Extraction of the Stone of Madness Hieronymus Bosch, 1475–1480 I found these three readers’ questions I answered some time ago about therapy and karma and stuff, they seem relevant…

The Lust for Power is a Death Avoidance Mechanism

I’ve said in my books that the lust for importance or power is a death avoidance mechanism. When the ego lusts for power, it is attempting to raise itself above…



Most sophisticated folk understand that their life unfolds according to their actions and their feelings. But the process is poorly understood. I hope to post a series of articles here…

The Disadvantage of the Ego’s Advantage

The ego seeks advantage not just socially but day-to-day, it taps the meter and rips off the electricity company, it fails to pay its debts, it steals from its employer,…

The Last Chance Saloon

We are poised on the cusp that I wrote about in my book ‘Whispering Winds of Change‘. I said that the world splits into two parabolas of evolutions. One is…