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Mysterious Orbs

When we first started to see the Morph in 2001, we were surprised to discover just how many transdimensional entities co-exist with us here in the earth plane —trillions: nature spirits, animal spirits, ghoulish blobs, angelic beings, etheric entities of

The Bravery of Truth

People that are not on the spiritual journey live just in their ego’s opinions, and the ideas and beliefs the mind  comes up with. But usually the ego’s world is a mass of illusion and denial. And it’s fed vast

The Last Chance Saloon

We are poised on the cusp that I wrote about in my book ‘Whispering Winds of Change‘. I said that the world splits into two parabolas of evolutions. One is cold, cruel, dogmatic and elitist; the other is open, warm

Dieta—the Shaman’s Training

Quite a few of my friends go to South America to take a shaman’s training called the ‘Dieta.’ You live in a remote place in the jungle and take the sacred brew Ayahuasca every day. There are strict rules, no