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On Healing a Little Dog

I don’t normally do remote healings and I don’t often work on animals, but I did a series of healings on my friend’s little dog. I knew the animal and I wanted to help it; it had some kind of

My Life as a Dog

Next incarnation I’m coming back as a dog in a family of animal lovers that have a large garden with lots of cats to chase. I need a rest. Sorted. SW (www.stuartwilde.com)

To the Shops with the Dog

I popped to the shops for a copy of the Financial Times. The shopkeeper said, “What’s you’re name?” The Dog said, “They call me ‘the dog’ I look after the kid.” “And what’s the kid’s name?” asked the man behind

New Year’s Resolutions

A Different Way of Resolutions.   I wanted to make a New Year’s Resolution but a neighbor poisoned our dog, and a gunman attacked a nearby cottage and robbed it, and another neighbor had her car doors kicked in. And

Dog and Cat Duo Video

A friend of mine sent me this video below, of a dog carrying a cat indoors on its back. I reckon the dog is even smaller than the cat. You decide. Animals are so intelligent.  Stuart Wilde. © 2012 —