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The Little Dog is Much better Now

On Healing a Little Dog

I don’t normally do remote healings and I don’t often work on animals, but I did a series of healings on my friend’s little dog. I knew the animal and…


My Life as a Dog

Next incarnation I’m coming back as a dog in a family of animal lovers that have a large garden with lots of cats to chase. I need a rest. Sorted….


To the Shops with the Dog

I popped to the shops for a copy of the Financial Times. The shopkeeper said, “What’s you’re name?” The Dog said, “They call me ‘the dog’ I look after the…

Stuart Wilde Sun Salute 1988 Taos NM (photo J. Rigler)

New Year’s Resolutions

A Different Way of Resolutions.   I wanted to make a New Year’s Resolution but a neighbor poisoned our dog, and a gunman attacked a nearby cottage and robbed it,…

Dog and Cat Duo Video

A friend of mine sent me this video below, of a dog carrying a cat indoors on its back. I reckon the dog is even smaller than the cat. You…

Dog Singing at the Piano

Absolutely Brilliant…sw   Ancient Wisdoms by Stuart Wilde “The Path of the Unknown Sages. On this recording Stuart Wilde discusses the evolutions of mankind through the great civilizations. He gives…