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Phoney Alien Threat

The myth of solid aliens and solid UFOs has been engineered by the US government to hide activity at places like Area 51. It is also part of a vague plan to stage a fake alien invasion using laser technology

When Giants Walked the Earth

              Humans are regressing, there were races of giants on earth in eons past. Some had six finger and six toes. In the Aluna Mirror Worlds the beings with six fingers are very dangerous,

The Prince of Hope & Peace

Tens of thousands of pilgrims are in Bethlehem, both Christians and Muslims, for the Christmas celebrations of the birth of the Prince of Hope and Peace, as Jesus is called by some. Christianity and Islam are very respectful, kind religions,

Gollums in Wellington NZ

The authorities in Wellington NZ have erected an oversized Gollum from the Lord of the Rings in the airport. People’s ignorance puts others in danger. I explained in a recent article about Spielberg’s disservice to children with his ET film.

Bad Moon Rising…UFOs

I saw a vision of the moon, it was covered in dark fractals and there were two large chariot wheels on the surface. The chariot wheels signify UFOs, like Ezekiel’s chariots in the sky in the Bible.   Seems like