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The Healing Power of Lavender

Helps Restore the Immune System by Luella May The sweet scent of lavender connotes flowers on the hillside and romance, but there is more.  Lavender is one of the most versatile and useful of all herbs, with a long history

Sexting–Sending Nude Photos Via Mobile Phones

Sexting, is a modern phenomena, it’s the act of sending sexually explicit photographs, nude pics and texts between mobile phones, it is becoming ever more prevalent amongst teenagers. In a candid article in The Telegraph (Jan 23rd 2013) Allison Pearson

The Simple DMT Cure for Drug Addiction and Depression

Heroin addiction is blamed on human weakness and social problems and addicts are labeled as criminals. But it is now known that some humans suffer from a lack of natural opiates in the brain, which causes them to seek the

Twenty-Two the Magical Healer

I saw a vision of the number twenty-two coming towards me as if from outer space on a curved trajectory from my left. In the actual number were violet and blue flowers pictured here. It was very beautiful. Twenty-two is