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Help your Heart

I was in an Irish pub recently listening to a traditional band when a young lad about twenty came up to me and he held my hand to his heart and he asked me if I was okay. I told

Spring Clean your Resonance

Here are some things that you might find helpful, as Spring approaches. They may not be new to you but try to do them over the next week or so, as a kind of ‘Spring Clean’ of your energy. I am certain you will

New Year’s Resolutions

A Different Way of Resolutions.   I wanted to make a New Year’s Resolution but a neighbor poisoned our dog, and a gunman attacked a nearby cottage and robbed it, and another neighbor had her car doors kicked in. And

Don’t Forget to Dance for Victory!

It was fantastic dancing with the customers in the pub after the Ams’ 8th event. Next Ams’ event, Dec 16th. http://www.stuartwilde.com/events/all-other-upcoming-events-with-stuart-wilde/ I saw a vision of how your light goes through the ground killing the ghouls below. Here’s the link

“Gangnam Style” — 820 Million Hits

A Korean singer that calls himself Psy, short for psycho, has a video out called, “Gangnam Style” it’s got 820 million hits on You Tube, the biggest You Tube ever. He’s in pink shorts on a deck chair with his