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Stuart Wilde with Gerald Celente: Currency Devaluation, War and the Price of Gold

New Video (9.05 mins) of Stuart Wilde www. stuartwilde.com with Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal www.trendsresearch.com talking about the currency wars, and possible global wars and the price of gold. Fascinating interview. If Readers can share this to their social

Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%

The currency wars have started. Venezuela has just devalued their currency by 46%. Here is the story by Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com. Tyler is considered one of the most influential financial writers in the world. Argentina froze supermarket prices last

Currency Wars

Jim Richards advisor to the Pentagon and the CIA, talks here of how the currency wars and the Chinese gold purchases will play out. Beyond fascinating (Vid 8.18 mins) Stuart Wilde. www.stuartwilde.com