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The Bag Men for Obama’s Mafia

Here are the Boston bag men…  and here is the bag… and here is the Moslem patsy with the small grey/white bag… and here he is leaving once the bag has been photoshopped out of the pic… Here is the

Training Drill at Boston Raises Suspicion

The cops had sniffer dogs in Boston at the race BEFORE the race started. The Bomb Squad had prior knowledge.   They told runners not to be concerned as it was a training drill, just like the training drills that

Leaked 911 Footage

I found some very interesting video footage of the missile that hit the Pentagon and the little hole it made in the wall of the building. A few years ago on the anniversary of 911, Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary

Departing the Grand Illusion

By Stuart Wilde. I have to troll through hundreds of Internet articles looking for interesting tidbits my readers might enjoy. But it is a dark process reading about the New World Order, chemtrails, the Fascist state, the life and times