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The Super Knowing

By Stuart Wilde I saw a vision of the little lanes in Brighton, England, it was a corner. I thought it was in front of a bank and then I heard “reptiles”. I went there this weekend to rearrange the local

Glow Worm Tribes

Imprinted on the human body are codes of tubes and lines and mathematics/geometries that normally are not visible to the naked eye. If you process your shadow, and if you have taken Ayahuasca you’ll start to see the codes. Some

Death of the Occult

Metaphysics deals with the perception of subtle energies. It starts with ESP, and then one sees the etheric field around people and trees (aura), and eventually one sees visions that teach one about the inner world dimensions, which are usually

The Silence of the Setting Sun

The Winter Solstice is the most sacred day of the year in the Taoist calender. It marks the end of the Old Sun and the birth of the New Sun. During the few days before December 21st things go very

Dance for Victory

V says, in V for Vendetta, “A revolution without dancing is not worth having”. So let’s dance our way to victory. Make it a discipline to dance for 30 seconds everyday, you’ll be linked into thousands of others doing the