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Feds Desperate …Hitting Gold and Silver

Countries round the world are dumping the dollar in thier bilateral trade with each other. Australia has just agreed to deal with China in their own two currencies. Here below is an article on it. The Feds are hitting gold

Basmati Rice Soars 80% in Price

The price of rice has soared by 80%, following a dramatic drop in production of the basmati variety and increasing demand world wide. It’s just more evidence of the hyperinflation we are seeing in the Third World. Inflation figures in America

War Stories

  (Image: cogfilms.com) As our leaders get more and more demonically possessed their ego-specialness flares, they will want to go to war. Of course, they won’t fight themselves; the working people form their armies. China has instructed its military to

Currency Wars

Jim Richards advisor to the Pentagon and the CIA, talks here of how the currency wars and the Chinese gold purchases will play out. Beyond fascinating (Vid 8.18 mins) Stuart Wilde. www.stuartwilde.com

Why Women in China Don’t Get Breast Cancer (Simple Solution)

  One woman in China in 10,000 dies of breast cancer, in the UK 833 in 10,000 (12%) die of it, and across the Western world including the US, the average is slightly higher, it’s 1000 in 10,000. The Chinese