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14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Toxins

14 WAYS TO CLEANSE THE BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS, GMOS, FLOURIDATED WATER, AND OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS Source:  RiseEarth From the chemtrails being sprayed over our neighborhoods to the poisons killing our bees and making our food toxic ‘medicine’ we need a

Horizontal DNA and Chemtrails

Barbara H. Peterson Farm Wars This is not a sci-fi fantasy, it is real. Our personal DNA and the DNA of just about every living organism on the planet is being changed in ways that we cannot even imagine through

Amazing Chemtrail Ever

This one is strange, it’s black and gold…. check this article out: http://philosophers-stone.co.uk/wordpress/ © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. www.stuartwilde.com — All rights reserved.