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Gaia’s Garden

I’ve traveled to 62 countries of the world to view Gaia’s Garden first hand, this inspired me and nourished my soul. I tell my readers that you need money to buy experiences not things, travelling leads to many new understandings and

The Presence of Higher Beings

New Age folk talk of spirit guides. Their belief comes from the fact they believe they are guided from other worlds. Sometimes they believe there is a kindly relative in the sprit world helping, akin to the Native American belief

How to Make Your Prayers More Successful

I never thought much about prayer, as essentially I didn’t think it worked very well. And having been trained in the Taoist philosophy, I don’t believe in an all-powerful male god sitting on a throne in heaven. In Taoism, god

Gollums in Wellington NZ

The authorities in Wellington NZ have erected an oversized Gollum from the Lord of the Rings in the airport. People’s ignorance puts others in danger. I explained in a recent article about Spielberg’s disservice to children with his ET film.

Tall Gods in the Water in Holland, Vision

I saw a vision of the harbor at Amsterdam, there were huge Gods in the water like Greek statues and beside them was the black horse of Revelation with the scales of justice. I think I saw the vision because