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In Quest of the Spotless Mind

When I get hit by the ghouls from the Inner Worlds, it creates a pain across my chest just under my collar bone. It makes me want to burp, but the burps are more painful than the chest pain, which

The Weekly Wilde-Avoiding the Collective Krama

Your waking intellect (your personality) brings to you an instant karma. For example, if you are diligent and responsible, life tends to treat you the same way. If you’re uncaring and irresponsible, you pull to you all sorts that will


Fortitude is linked to honor in a way that you may not have thought about before. If you are covertly dishonorable there will be a fracture in your etheric like a diagonal line that moves very fast in a shifty

Minimum Movement & Other Easy Stress Management Techniques

  (1) Time constraints cause stress, be brutal in your time management, don’t accept things to do, in time frames that are difficult, never obligate yourself unless you absolutely have to, make everyone comes to you if possible. Assign tasks

Why Thoughts Jump

Humans are surrounded by a force field that is sometimes called the etheric field. It goes out about 18 inches from your body, but it can spike 20-30 feet across a street say, if driven by intense emotions. The field