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The Horrendous Evil of Dick Cheney Uncovered

They all fall down one-by one. Cheney is so cruel, he’s not needed. The end of the subhumans approaches. SW www.stuartwilde.com The Full Power Of Vice President Dick Cheney Is Only Now Becoming Clear Michael Kelley http://www.businessinsider.com/the-power-of-dick-cheney-in-dirty-wars-2013-4 REUTERS/Larry Downing On

Conspiracies: How Do We Crack it?

It’s common knowledge Bush and the Neo-con White House people did 9/11 with the Zionist Jews. It’s common knowledge Blair did the 7/7 bombings with MI5. It’s common knowledge Diana was murdered. It’s common knowledge the Federal Reserve is defrauding

30 US Officials Guilty of War Crimes

Here’s an interesting article by an international law attorney, Francis Boyle, who says that 30 US officials, including Obama, are guilty of War Crimes. When these facist gangers got into the White House, war, assasination, torture, rendition and arrest without

There’s a Lot at Stake with Karma

Tony Blair colluded with George Bush, lying about weapons of mass destruction in order to attack Iraq. The whistle blower Dr. David Kelly that exposed the lie, died in very mysterious circumstances. The famous journalist John Pilger, says one million

Bent Politicians Falling Over

I saw a vision of Silvio Berlusconi fall in the inner worlds about nine months before he lost his prime minister post in Italy. I posted the vision here. This week he was convicted of fraud, he got four years