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Motorist Throws Parking Ticket at Cop, Fined £840 for Littering

Britain is a nightmare hell of rules and surveillance cameras and fines and nerds from the local council that can order you not to paint your front door red etc….

The Feminine

Game’s Up in Sweden for Sex Trade

Sweden’s innovative sex-trade laws criminalise clients, not prostitutes. The result: a 70 per cent drop in business. Joan Smith jumps in a squad car with local police to find out…

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The Iron Lady, May She Rust in Peace

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady as she was known, is next Wednesday. I saw this headline above I thought it quirky. She won the Falklands war and she…

Politics Creates no Wealth it's Leeches Milking People

Milkin’ the People

The British coalition of Nick Clegg and David Cameron promised to reduce taxes and get Britain going. In fact The Guardian newspaper said that they have raised 245 taxes since they…