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Atomic Cafe

One of the defining documentaries of the 20th century, The Atomic Cafe (1982), offers a darkly humorous glimpse into mid-century America, an era rife with paranoia, anxiety, and misapprehension. Whimsical and yet razor-sharp, this timeless classic illuminates the often comic paradoxes

Nuclear Vision

Over a year ago, I saw a vision that said the main nuclear threat to the world is North Korea and that Iran is not a threat at all. Netanyahu, the Israeli man, has been saying every few years since

Israel & Russia a New Conflict

Sometimes when I see visions they are so outlandish and unusual I have trouble comprehending them. Six months ago I said Russia might rub out Israel and solve all the Middle East problems in one fell swoop. The idea seemed

The Jews & Global Cattle Populations

The Jews are very twitchy if anyone criticizes them or Israel, journalists that don’t agree politically are often fired, or they are falsely labeled as racists. But the Jews refer to non-Jews as goyim (cattle), and their Holy Books allow