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Human Owl Eyes

I have an etheric membrane that crosses my eye. It’s known as a nictitating membrane, which is common in owls and fish, and in polar bears who have it to protect them from snow blindness. The membrane first came across from

Bees and Flowers Communicate Using Electrical Fields

Source: Wakingtimes.com Waking Times Flowers’ methods of communicating are at least as sophisticated as any devised by an advertising agency, according to a new study, published today in Science Express by researchers from the University of Bristol. However, for any advert to

The Healing Feeling

A lady at one of the healings in Ireland wrote me an email about her experiences of the Purple Light when she was in Wexford. The light is mysterious, people see it and feel it in different ways. You have

The Fourth Force—Gaia

In relation to the Americans, I said there are three forces, the citizens, the Zionist controllers of America, and the US Military. Then there is a fourth force that is not just American but global, the force of nature, Gaia.