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Bilderberg’s Assassinations and Terrorism Claims Italian Judge

Source Rumormillnews.com The Bilderbergers are a shadowy group of elitists that meet from time to time to discuss their plans for world domination. All the top leaders in the world…

Fame –Seeks Immortality

James Arthur – 2012 X Factor Winner Fame and Fortune is the name of the game nowadays. Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother, X Factor; talent shows shoot ordinary…


Smart Meters Kill Plants

People object to smart meters as the radiation makes them sick, but the meters telegraph private details about the user that thieves and bandits can use, like they will know…


Rat-a-mus Maxi-mus Google

The social sites are extensions of the spying of the Police State, hacking and farming personal data, as I’ve said before. Spies, nothing more. Here’s a vid on Google’s tricks….