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Mysterious Orbs

When we first started to see the Morph in 2001, we were surprised to discover just how many transdimensional entities co-exist with us here in the earth plane —trillions: nature spirits, animal spirits, ghoulish blobs, angelic beings, etheric entities of

Ayahuasca…New Web Site

Tom Lishman’s new Ayahuasca web site is up and running … www.thehiddendoorway.com It’s not 100% finished yet but all the gigs are posted…it looks cool. SW © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. www.stuartwilde.com — All rights reserved.

Global DMT Release & the Day of Judgement

Myself, Tom Lishman and others, have all had a series of the same teachings on an up-coming event, whereby Gaia enacts a global release of DMT. 30,000 plants have DMT in them according to Terence McKenna. If there were a

The Stag

One dark night when fighting the ghouls I came upon a stag that was under attack. It was so covered in ghouls I could hardly make out its poor body; its horns were all tangled and deformed as the ghouls