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Avian Flu is Bio Warfare says Chinese Colonel

Here below is an article about a Chinese colonel that says Avian flu is in fact an America flu. The colonel says the latest bird flu virus is a U.S. biological weapon. He’s 100% right on that. It’s part of a

Jesus and the Chicken

I thought to post this one again. The current flu in H3N1. The more deadly flu is H5N1. I saw a vision of five chickens in an alley by a dumpster. So, I thought that symbolised the H5N1. And then

Avian Flu Update

The Americans resurrected the Spanish flu virus that they had stored since 1918. They sent it to the Eramus Medical Center in Holland for it to be upgraded to H5N1, so it would become an airborne flu for maximum effect.

Flu Shots are a Scam & Very Dangerous

The scam about the HIN1 flu shots is very sneaky, it has been enormously exposed (See Alex Jones video below). It causes convulsions in children and it makes people very sick. Some die. The Avian flu scam first came up

Jesus Visions

I saw a vision of Jesus last night. He had his hand on someone’s shoulders as if healing them, then he raised his hands and placed them side-by-side like making a roof over the person’s head. Then I saw the