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Armageddon Wars in the Inner Worlds

Others and myself watch, while in trance, the Armageddon wars in the Inner Worlds. The last few weeks there has been a war against the UFOs. They are dragons with claws that can fly and they morph into various technological

What a Week–Listlessness Explained

What a week! I made more progress in seven days than I have made in seven months or even seven years. I saw the chalice of the Holy Grail in the sky, things suddenly became very clear. Then I saw

Two Realities & Each Person’s Armageddon

There is a parallel universe that is opposite this world. In very simple terms there is a spirit world and then this world. People don’t realize how that other world affects us, but it does. For example, conception comes from

Tips I Learned from the Ghoul Wars

I hope this isn’t too long but here’s a bit more that is hard to mention but it is important. I’m a veteran of a three and a half year ghoul war. I learned a lot. I went to fight