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Restoration of the Feminine Spirit

I don’t do many pedophilia stories, as it is very distressing and the practice of child abuse is at epidemic proportions. The Guardian newspaper in England said a few days ago, that pedophiles are misunderstood, and a committee of psychiatrists

Dear Readers—Happy New Year !

A beautiful video of Norwegian soprano Sissel Kyrkjebe, singing Old Lang Syne. The animals in the video give one a lot of hope for this extraordinary planet. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

Improving Yourself –Gratitude

It is important to not take life for granted and be gracious and show a proper gratitude for every small mercy or for anything thing others do for you. Remember this one important fact, this earth has no contract or

Love & the Middle Way

My ol’ teacher was a Taoist, he taught of the old sages in China and their wisdom and their gentle ways. There is a concept in Taoism called wu wei—non action. Here’s what Wiki’ says about it:  “Wu wei is

Dog and Cat Duo Video

A friend of mine sent me this video below, of a dog carrying a cat indoors on its back. I reckon the dog is even smaller than the cat. You decide. Animals are so intelligent.  Stuart Wilde. © 2012 —