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SW.com Stats Going Ballistic Thanks to You All

Dear Extended Family: Thank you so much for helping me. The Internet stats at sw.com have gone ballistic thanks to you all posting on the social sites and telling your friends, keep up the good work! It’s most kind. I’m

The Purple Light, Absolution, & Transcending Your Karma

I have a new You Tube video:  The Purple Light, Absolution & Transcending Your Karma (see below) which I thought you might like. BY the way…. The event in Amsterdam Dec. 8th is almost full. There are only 7 cheap mates rates,

Simple Way of Removing Pain

I said in a recent video that the Purple Light is here to absolve us of pain, it’s a form for both absolution and transcendence. I heard the spirit of Gaia in the Aluna worlds, she gave out a great

The Long Sigh

I’m often up at 3 a.m. in the night, as that is when the Hindu Gods are around, and I see visions of them in their golden, beaded headdresses. Sometimes important things happen at that special time, 3.03 a.m. Two

“Gangnam Style” — 820 Million Hits

A Korean singer that calls himself Psy, short for psycho, has a video out called, “Gangnam Style” it’s got 820 million hits on You Tube, the biggest You Tube ever. He’s in pink shorts on a deck chair with his