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Sandy Hook Unmasked

The massacre at Sandy Hook USA, has now been exposed as a lie. It was a government hit, much like 911. Killing children for gun control is a horrible crime, it’s the elite’s attempt to save themselves because they know their days

911 Black Ops and the Bent Money Trail

This video exposes the black ops and money trail, linking high up officials to the 911 hit. The American media is not going to report this kind of story, as their function is to protect the conspirators, so it will

“History Would be Something Extraordinary, if Only it Were True” –Tolstoy

The history of the world will unravel and the myths will collapse. The Russian Revolution was sold as an uprising of decent workers and peasants against corrupt aristocrats and the Tzar. Juri Lina, the Estonian film maker says it was

Flu Shots are a Scam & Very Dangerous

The scam about the HIN1 flu shots is very sneaky, it has been enormously exposed (See Alex Jones video below). It causes convulsions in children and it makes people very sick. Some die. The Avian flu scam first came up

Internet Lock Down

Regulars here will note I’ve been writing fast and furious recently, I’m worried the Internet will be restricted soon. I like to give you the metaphysical take on things when I can, as that is often the story behind the