Chicago Sinkhole

I feel sorry for people that wind up down a hole suddenly. This one opened up in the street of the Chicago neighborhood of South Deering, it swallowed three cars…


Time with the Visions in Vision Land

The main theme this last week has been the Queen and her husband pictured here; something may happen soon as I see them many times a day. A document will come…


Explosion Waco Texas (Vid 55 seconds)

This video is spectacular, the family involved seem to have survived, God knows how. The explosion happens at 30 seconds into the vid’. It registered as a 2.1 earthquake. SW…


V for Vendetta Speech (27 seconds)

Fear mongering is nationalized industry, creepy, we’ll get ’em in the end. Don’t buy the fear, it’s them that are becoming scared, we are on the ground we don’t have…


Stay Camouflaged It’s Safer

I read a delightful story of a couple that put their electricity bill in the name of their dog. With the advent of the Police State everywhere laying low is…


Fake Blood in NBC News Video in Boston

This fascinating short 36 sec video shows how the blood at the scene in Boston was faked by NBC. Creepy lies eh? Check it out see what you think. SW…


GMO Facts to Help Us Comprehend

Source: What are GMOs? GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This experimental…


Family Guy is NOT a Hoax

People said the Family guy video was a hoax but here’s a vid below that explains why it was not a hoax. SW


Family Guy Predicts Marathon Bombing

Family Guy Predicts Boston Marathon Bombing. 2 Different Clips Same Episode (27 seconds). People say this is a hoax but I enjoyed it.


Human Owl Eyes

I have an etheric membrane that crosses my eye. It’s known as a nictitating membrane, which is common in owls and fish, and in polar bears who have it to protect…