Emotional Techniques for Healing Yourself

By Stuart Wilde. The pain of the world is so extraordinary right now many people are not in their right mind. You have to detach and hold steady or you’ll…


The Horse Head Nebula

The Hubble telescope has captured the Horse Head Nebula in infrared. It’s 1500 light years away. When you look at how extraordinary the Universe is you might wonder what place…


Stonehenge, 5000 Years Older than Previously Thought

This is very interesting about Stonehenge in England. SW. www.stuartwilde,com Source Uk Archaeologist have discovered that Stonehenge in Britain is 5000 years older than previously calculated. How the people…


10 Best Foods To Boost Your Immune System

Source: By Natural Blaze Try these 10 best foods to boost your immune system: 1. Brightly colored vegetables. You probably already know that you should eat a variety of the…

Seal pup

Seal Pup Wants to Cuddle Video

This video (2:02 mins) is so sweet…. Stuart Wilde (


New York Times: FBI Hatches Terror Plots

The mother of the two alleged moslem Boston bombers said in an interview with Russia Today that both of her sons were in regular contact with the FBI for a…


The Wilde Weekly: Triumph of the Gods of Light

The Wilde Weekly is at  

Reagan at UN, Alien Threat Speech

Phoney Alien Threat

The myth of solid aliens and solid UFOs has been engineered by the US government to hide activity at places like Area 51. It is also part of a vague…

Apartment Complex Destroyed

Waco Explosion — Interesting Coincidence

In 1993, the US government forces of the FBI and U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raided the Branch Davidian church’s ranch outside Waco, Texas. They set the compound alight and they…