Vancouver Healings Confirmed Sept 20th

The Vancouver Healings are confirmed for Sept 20th but the time has changed, I had to rent a seminar room  for it, so it’s now from 12.30 pm til 2.30 pm. I’ll mail the SW A-list the full details on Friday.

Chile to Legalize Ayahuasca

Here’s an article about Chile and Ayahuasca on David Icke’s site see below. SW Chile May Soon Legalise Ayahuasca – David Icke © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

Protection from Entities

The entities that plague this human evolution are normally invisible to the naked eye; they are beings in the etheric that feed off humans. They include what we know as UFOs, which I have said elsewhere are not solid, they

Bad Moon Rising…UFOs

I saw a vision of the moon, it was covered in dark fractals and there were two large chariot wheels on the surface. The chariot wheels signify UFOs, like Ezekiel’s chariots in the sky in the Bible.   Seems like

911 & the Fate of The Jews

At 3 a.m. this morning I got up and prayed for the firemen and office workers that died in 911. I felt for them, they were betrayed. The official story of 911 has been shot to bits. It was a coup